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Defensive Barrier Systems

Protect your workers with barrier systems from Impact Technologies VI in Great Neck, New York. We set up truck arresting systems, mobile barrier trailers, and the Absorb 350.

How Barrier Systems Work

If an out-of-control truck enters the ramp, it will sequentially encounter the restraining devices. Each absorber provides a constant restraining force throughout the allowed run-out distance. This force increases until the kinetic energy is absorbed to bring the truck to a safe stop.

Dragnet System

The Dragnet system is a net-type attenuator. It provides a safe, controlled stop with minimum damage to the impacting vehicle, regardless of speed or vehicle size. When mounted on towers, the Dragnet system offers the safest and most economical protection for railroad crossings, border crossings, reversible lanes, and movable bridges.

The Dragnet™ Truck Arresting System (TAS), for runaway truck ramps consists of a series of vehicle restraining devices (Energy Absorbers and Barrier Nets). The restraining devices are mounted in concrete median barriers located on each side of the escape ramp.

Mobile Barrier Trailers

The Mobile Barrier Trailers provides between 42 feet to over 100 feet of mobile work zone protection. It is efficient and has interchangeable right/left configurations. The MBT-1 is FHWA accepted at TL-2 & TL-3 under both NCHRP & MASH criteria. It includes platforms (2 bi-directional), Caboose (moveable rear axle assembly), Wall Sections, LED DOT Lighting, and Beacons.

ArmorGuard Barrier

The ArmorGuard Barrier system offers a practical solution for including positive protection barrier separation in short-term construction projects. It's practical solution for including positive protection barrier separation in short-term construction projects. ArmorGuard Barrier is ideal for locations where safety and barrier portability are paramount. This freestanding barrier comes in 28 ft. (8.5 meter) sections and can be quickly interlocked to form a 200’ to 300’ portable barrier wall in about 30 minutes.

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